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Office Policies

Intake Form - Before the first session, clients are required to fill out a form which asks questions about medical history and lifestyle.

2) Rescheduling Policy or No Show - The client must notify the therapist of reschedule at least 24 hours before the massage, or there will be a $50.00 charge for the missed appointment.  Missing an appointment without calling, causes a hardship for the therapist and someone else who may have been denied that appointment time.

2b) Snow or Storm cancellation - if local school in Amherst has been cancelled there will be no charge for a missed appointment on a snow day.  If school is in session it is expected you can make it to your appointment.

3) Lateness - If a client is late for the massage, the client receives the massage for the remainder of allotted time.  It is a courtesy to be timely.  Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  (It is not possible to run over scheduled times when other clients are waiting.)

4) Ethics - Therapeutic Massage is strictly Non-Sexual. Genital areas are covered at all times.  Sexual misconduct on the part of the massage therapist is grounds for dismissal from the AMTA and ABMP.  If the client expresses interest in sexual massage, the massage session will be terminated and the Police may be notified.

5) Draping - Clients are draped with a sheet for the entire massage. The sheet is adjusted to uncover only the areas of the body which are receiving therapeutic massage at the time.

6) Clothing - In most cases, all clothing is removed before the massage therapy session. Some clients prefer to leave underwear on and that is ultimately the decision of the client.

7) Alcohol - Refrain from consuming alcohol at least 6 hours prior to a massage.

8) Hygiene - Both therapist and clients are required to follow proper hygiene etiquette. It is advised that clients shower before the massage.

9) Food - Any food should be consumed 2 hours prior to the massage to allow time for digestion.

10) Outcalls - It is the client's responsibility to provide an environment free of distractions, i.e. pets, phones and people.  Walkways and stairways to the location must be cleared for easy, unimpeded access.  (Additional travel fees apply)

11) Confidentiality – All information gathered during the intake or the massage is kept strictly confidential.

12) Referrals - All referrals are welcome.  Get free massage for every, single referral you provide.  You will recieve an additional 30 minutes of massage absolutley FREE*   Referrals are my business.  Please tell your friends today  *New referral must actually show for massage. Not applicable on Gift Certificates.

13) Feedback - It is my goal to provide you with the best possible and most professional of services.   Any feedback during or after the session is welcome.

Policies are printable from the Printable forms page.