Make Massage A Regular Part Of Your Healthy Lifestyle!

"I find that massage is an excellent complement to regular chiropractic care.  Marianne is truly a professional in the art of therapeutic massage and genuinely enjoys what she does.  It shows in the success she has in relieving tension and stress in her clients.  Their warm smiles and relaxed posture following her treatments are clear evidence of the knowledge, experience and ability she has in deep tissue techniques."  Dr. Ray Humphrey, DC. Bedford, NH  (603) 669-3428

"I have been living with a serious back injury for several years now.  I have found that massage therapy can be very helpful in reducing or eliminating pain, increasing mobility and keeping me able to carry out day-to-day activities.  I have seen several massage therapists over the years and Marianne is the best!  her friendly and caring manner makes treatment a relaxed and comfortable experience.  Her knowledge of anatomy is top-notch and in addition to knowing just how to treat my back, she also worked wonders with repetative-stress problems from computer use.  I give Marianne my highest recommendation!"  L.M. Merrimack, NH

"The massage room is softly lit, warm and inviting...the perfect set-up for a relaxing hour.  The massage was fantastic!  Marianne is quite adept at feeling all the knots...I felt so much better.  It was a real treat!"  J.B.  Bedford, NH

"This year I decided to make some changes.  I have to admit I was a massage skeptic.  I had heard that massage can sometimes be painful or that you can get bruised during one.  My Doctor recommended Marianne for some Deep Tissue massage for my shoulder problem.  She explained her techniques and made sure that I was comfortable.  I didn't hurt afterwards.  I actually felt great.  It was a wonderful experience.  My shoulder is so much better and I will definately return for more treatments again.  It not only helped my shoulder, it also helped me to relax.  Big thanks to Marianne."    Mary  Age 63  Milford, NH

"Call her; she is the best massage therapist in New Hampshire!  Marianne is fantastic not only in skill but as a person.  She always knows what pressure to use and which techniques to combine.  She is always professional, courteous and genuinely there for her patients.  She has helped me overcome several injuries and chronic pain over the years.  Don't wait.  It is a call worth making!"   C.B.  Amherst, NH